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Dawn Thompson




Youth Center

MON-THU: 3 to 5:30pm (ages 9-18)

FRI: 3 to 5pm (ages 9-18)

Weekends/Holidays/Family Days: Closed


Before & After School Programs

MON-FRI: 6:30am to 5:30pm

Weekends/Holidays/Family Days: Closed


Closed for 3 July for Family Day and 4 July for the Holiday




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Youth Center

Summer Camps

Triple Play Boot Camp


Triple Play Boot Camp Challenge, 26-29 June

Youth will enjoy various forms of dancing, boxing, and walking along with games and activities to promote a healthy lifestyle.

  • Ages/Times: Ages 6-9 (10 to 11am) and ages 10-12 (11am to noon)
  • Cost: $20/$25
  • Location: Youth Center

Equestrian Camp


Equestrian Camp

Learn about daily care and grooming of horses, stable and stall maintenance, and take in some riding with one-on-one supervision.

  • Age: 8-12 and 13-18 (Max 10/session)
  • Time: 11am to 12:30pm
  • Cost: $25/$30
  • Location: Stable Days Ranch in East Grand Forks, MN

Archery Camp


Sports Unlimited Management
& Promotions, Inc. Archery Camp, 10-14 July

Youth will learn about equipment safety, targeting accuracy, strategy, cooperation/teamwork, risk management & physical fitness.

  • Ages/Times: Ages 9-12 (9am to noon) and ages 13-18 (1 to 4pm)
  • Cost: $20/$25
  • Location: Liberty Square

Space is limited. Class instructed by US Archery Olympian Khatuna Lorig who also taught Jennifer Lawrence hot to shoot with a recurve bow for the film series "The Hunger Games"!


Triple Play Basketball Camp


Triple Play Basketball Camp, 24-27 July

Shooting, passing, and dribbling fundamentals will be used to promote basic skills and to improve physical fitness.

  • Ages/Times: Ages 6-9 (10 to 11am) and ages 10-12 (11am to noon)
  • Cost: $20/$25
  • Location: Youth Center


Start Smart Basketball


Start Smart Basketball, 24-27 July

Parent participation is required for the Start Smart Programs. Through specialized activities, youth will learn the basic concepts of b-ball.

  • Ages: 3-5
  • Time: 4 to 5pm
  • Cost: $75 (includes kit, shirt and bag); $40 if you already have a kit
  • Location: Youth Center







Red Cross Babysitters Course


Red Cross Babysitters Course, 21 June

Held from 9am to 3pm at the A&FRC for ages 11-15. Cost is $45/person. Sign up with Kelly Painter at 747-4484


Olympic Activities


Olympic Day Activities, 23 June

For ages 8 and up from 2 to 4pm at the Youth Center.




Teen Lock In


Teen Lock-In, 23 June

We will have food, games, and door prize drawings from 7pm to midnight for teens at the YC!



Summer Brain Gain



Summer Brain Gain

Ages 8+ will enjoy a different educational activity from 1 to 2pm.



Torch Club: 2 to 3pm

Triple Play Leadership Club: 4 to 5pm; ages 8+



Triple Play: 2 to 3pm; ages 8+

S.T.E.M.tastic: 4 to 5pm; ages 8+

BGCA Jr Staff



BGCA Jr. Staff
Ages 11-13 will explore a career in youth or human services through hands on experiences helping others from 3 to 5pm.

Must be registered for the program.



Smart Girls: 2 to 3pm

Passport to Manhood: 3 to 4pm


Summer Piano Lessons



Summer Piano Lessons

Sign up for 1/2 hour lessons from 1 to 5pm beginning 8 June.


Intramural Fitness: 4 to 5pm

Fine Arts Appreciation: 3 to 4pm


Youth/Family Running Club



Running Club: 4 to 5pm; Lib. Sq.

Keystone Club: 2 to 3pm

Lego League: 4 to 5pm

Summer Camps

Tech Camp


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Teens and Parents

Sign up at the YC to receive text messages on upcoming YC events.


Torch Club

Torch Clubs offer service and leadership opportunities to ages 11-13 and are designed to assist girls and boys in becoming productive citizens.  They consists of an adult advisor and 6-15 youth who elect their own officers and plan and manage their own activities in four program areas:

  • 1. Club and Community Service
  • 2. Education
  • 3. Athletics/Fitness
  • 4. Social Recreation

Keystone Clubs consist of an adult advisor and 8-15 boys and girls, ages 14-18, who elect their own officers and plan and implement their own activities. Each year, they conduct program activities in six program areas:

  • 1. Service to Club & Community
  • 2. Leadership Development
  • 3. Educationand Career Exploration
  • 4. Unity
  • 5. Free Enterprise
  • 6. Social Recreation

Youth of the Month

The Youth of the Month/Quarter program has two age categories: ages 11-18 and ages 14-18. Quarterly winners in the older category will compete for the GFAFB, Youth of the Year honors. From there he or she will compete at state (ND).


Contact the YC for details or to pick up an application which is due the 5th of each month.

Jr Staff Career Development Program

Our Junior Staff Career Development Program assists youth ages 11-13 in career exploration in youth or human services, particularly in Boys & Girls Club work. Through hands on experience helping others in the YC and community, youth will prepare for future roles as volunteers in our community.

Youth must be registered for the program.