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Kayla Gadbery




Tue-Sat: 10am to 6pm

Closed: Holidays

Community Activity Center

The facility includes a toddler room, giant play structure, small meeting room, large auditorium and game area (computer and board games are available).


The auditorium and meeting room may be reserved by 747-4845.


CAC Snacks


CAC Snacks

Juice Box, $0.50

Gatorade (12oz), $0.50

Water (8oz), $0.25

Chocolate Milk (8oz), $0.50

Chilled Frappuccinos, $1.50

Applesauce Pouches, $0.50


Granola Bars, $0.25

Fruit Snacks, $0.25

Cookie/Cracker Packs, $0.50

Chips, $0.25

Goldfish, $0.25

Trail Mix, $0.50

Events & Programs

Mickey Mouse's Birthday

Mickey Mouse's Birthday, 17 Nov

Join us from 4 to 5:30pm for a birthday celebration complete with nachos and juice!