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Private Orgs and Special Interest Groups

If approved by the Installation Commander, private organizations may operate on the base in strict accordance with their approved constitution and bylaws. Private Organizations may not use the official name (in part) or status of any DoD organization or activity. Private Organizations are solely liable for their operations and cannot use DoD facilities or assets for business opportunity. Private Organizations can be asked to reimburse the AF for dedicated use of DoD assets, such as meeting rooms or pastures. Private Organizations are not authorized to use government copiers or printing resources. Private Organization may not present themselves as part of the AF to obtain sponsorship of organizational activities. Private Organization are authorized to conduct two 'public' fund raisers a quarter, all other sales are to be 'purchase sharing' among the Private Organization's membership only. Organizations/clubs that earn or retain assets that average in excess of $1000 per month during any quarter must request permission to operate on Grand Forks. Private Organizations are not allowed to compete with AAFES or Force Support activities.

The 319 ABW Commander has determined that all 'off base' solicitations, requests for donations or other requests in support of sponsorship or assistance must be processed through the 319th FSS Private Organization monitor, even if your activity is not a private organization or special interest group. The required forms are located below. These forms, once submitted will be processed through the Base legal Office and then to the Mission Support Group Commander for approval. This requirement is especially directed to "military units" requesting support for unit events like holiday parties and the AF Ball from off base vendors.

Force Support Squadron NAF activities, like Bowling, Golf, Clubs, are not authorized to "donate or provide" merchandise or fee based services to any organization or special interest group. NAF activities can provide special incentives that encourage increased business opportunity for the activities.


  1. PO and Special Interest Groups AFI 34-223
  2. GFAFB OI for Private Organizations
  3. Request for Waiver of Insurance
  4. Requesting Off Base Solicitation
  5. Fund Raising Request Form
    No advertising or conducting the event prior to approval. Form must be submitted two weeks in advance. If you want to sell food, you must have the APplication for Temporary Food Facility completed by PUblic Health and submitted to Romina Snyder (701-747-3237) first.

How to Submit Your Requests

Submit all questions and paperwork to

Phone: 701-747-3237


Private Organizations or special interest groups are not part of the AIr Force or DoD.
Memorandum for Private Organizations and Special Interest Groups