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Dawn Grogan, (701) 747-6992




Mon-Fri: 7 am to 3:30 pm

SM&W Requests

Event Categories

Category of Events Authorized SM&W Funds at Grand Forks


Q1 Individual Recognition

Retirements, competitive base level awards(recurring except for one time or annual events)


Q2 Civic Events

Call 747-6992 for information, AFI 34-201 Chapter 12 Table 12.1 Rules 20-49 (non-recurring)


Q3 Memorial Observances

Traditional patriotic events, death observances (non-recurring)


Q4 Welcoming and Orientation

Commander's Calls, first step, group events (recurring except one time or annual events)

Q5 Hosting of Personnel

"Distinguished Visitor" category only (non-recurring)


Q8 Change of Command

Wing, group, squadron level only (recurring)

Petty cash transactions not turned in to the Force Support Squadron the same month as the event is held, may not be honored.



Maximum Amounts Authorized (NTE= not to exceed)



$50 all rank and grades. To meet the intent of the SMW program, limits established by installation may not be rank restrictive.


Change of Command

Wing $500

Group $400

Squadron $200

Commander's Calls

Wing $300

Group $150

Squadron $100

Promotion Ceremony

Base Level $2/pp NTE $500

Squadron $500 (when Wing Ceremony is not observed)

Non recurring events must be approved by the Wing Commander prior to the event.

Authorized Items

  • - For retirements and change of commands, light refreshments only (no alcohol)
  • - Mementos NTE $20 and cannot be supplemented with other funds (in other words, you cannot request $20 and spend $30 to buy a ceramic eagle)
  • - Flowers are authorized for spouse of retiree and for bereavements only. NTE $20 included in the dollar amount approved.
  • - Light refreshments are defined as non-alcoholic beverages and finger foods such as desserts and snacks. Heavy hors d'oeuvre such as burritos, tacos, whole pizzas cut into bit-size pieces, sub sandwiches cut into small servings, meat items, buffets, banquets, smorgasbords etc., are not authorized. Amenities to serve the light refreshments are authorized to include disposable utensils, cups and paper or plastic plates.
  • - Units should provide on-base organizations such as the Commissary, Base Exchange, and Force Support Squadron Operations the right of first refusal to provide the goods/services before using off-base vendors.
  • Defined immediate family as spouse and children only



SM&W's cannot be used for picnics or other events where the attendees are provided a meal, unless noted below. By AFI, the use of SM&W's must be conservative. Do not exceed $3 per person for refreshments.

  • - Money for picnics and other social events
  • - Rank specific events
  • - American Flags are not authorized to be purchased with SM&Ws
  • - Table cloths
  • - Momentos exceeding $20 in total value
  • - Conferences, meetings and training sessions are not authorized SM&W support (i.e. morning coffee/pastries for visiting inspection/staff assistance teams are not authorized SM&W support, although a 'one time' ice breaker may be approved)


Requests are submitted and routed on the SM&W form electronically. We are located on the second floor of bldg 101. Any request submitted on paper will be manually entered into the electronic system for routing and control purposes and may slow down the approval process.


All requests, after submission of form, must be approved by Wing CC or the designated Commander in advance of the event. No exceptions! Requests must be submitted NLT 10 duty days prior to the event.