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Grand Forks Military Personnel Section (MPS) provides personnel support and services to over 1,730 Warriors of the North as well as over 1400 civil servants, contractors, and dependents in the Northerast portion of North Dakota as well as Minnesota, Michigan, and Canada. The mission of the MPS is to provide timely and accurate personnel support to GFAFB Airmen, civil servants, and families, as well as to geographically separated units and military retirees. The MPS is a one-stop shop for all personnel matters including base in-processing, assignments, reenlistments, retirements, evaluations, decorations, identification cards, and Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).

Our team's top priority is unparalleled customer service. We hope that we are always meeting your personnel needs in a timely, pleasant, and professional manner, and we welcome your feedback!

The MPS is currently located in Bldg 631, room 110 and room 222 on Eielson St, GFAFB. Please call 701-747-4136 for any questions or concerns regarding your personnel needs. The MPS is open from 8am to 3pm every weekday.

Military ID Cards and Deers

Because wait times for walk-in customers may exceed one hour, appointments are highly recommended. Please call Customer Service at 701-747-4136/5317 to book an appointment or for any questions you may have regarding DEERS and ID cards.

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Required Documentation

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD-12) and Federal Identity Processing Standard (FIPS-201) requires TWO FORMS OF IDENTIFICATION documents for initial issue and replacement of ID cards.

Lost or stolen CAC's are accountable government property. A statement of lost/stolen ID must be provided before a replacement CAC can be issued. Lost/stsolen CAC's must be reported to 319 SFS, Law Enforcement Desk, Bldg 339, 1st floor.

For initial issue or renewal of any type of military ID card (CAC, dependent, or retiree etc.), all DEERS eligible customers must have two forms of ID to include other specific items for the type of DEERS update being requested. One must be a valid state or federal issued photo ID. The second form of ID can be a social security card, birthd certificate, valid passport,or any from this list. All documents MUST be original or certified true copies.

NOTE: The sponsor is always required to be present for any DEERS update unless a Power of Attorney (POA) has been issued specifically authroizing the ability to update DEERS.


Required Documents for Initial Enrollment of Spouse and Children

New Spouse: Sponsor presents spouses photo ID, SSN card or birth certificate, and proper marriage license/certificate.
Newborns: Sponsor present either a properly completed certificate of live birth, or birth certificate and SSN card.

 For 100% DAV, Step-Children, Wards, Legal Custody, Foster, Adoption, Incapacitated Children and other conditions, there are considerable additional requirements. Please call ahed for specific required documentation prior to your visit, as we will be unable to assist you without these items.