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The Facility

Our high quality, accredited early childhood program provides a safe and nurturing environment while promoting physical, social, emotional and intellectual development for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. We operate on a sliding-scale fee, calculated based on total family income.

Events and Programs

Military children Recognition Ceremon

Military Child Recognition Ceremony, 25 April
Each child will be presented a certificate for their "service" to the military from 9 to 11:30am.

Muffins with Parents

Muffins with Parents, 11 May
Join your children for muffins made by the children representing "Mother's Day" at 8:30am.






The Grand Forks AFB Youth Programs POC for Military Chilcare ( is Julie Mullenbach 701-747-3042.


It's the parents' responsibility to fully complete the enrollment at Priority determiniation will be made unless space is available and no waiting list exists. The list is reveiwed daily by management.

Priority determination will progress as follows:

  1. Wounded Warrior
  2. Single AD Military or single DoD Civilian parent
  3. Dual AD Military or dual DoD Civilian parent
  4. Active Duty Military or DoD Civilian parent

Our waiting lists are divided into:

  1. An active wait list to include those families who will accept a space as soon as a space is available
  2. Unborn list

Families PCSing to GFAFB need to contact the FCC coordinator upon arrival and update with address and phone numbers. If this isn't received, your child will be removed from the waiting list. Filling out a wait list form does not guarantee a slot. A family may go up or down on the list due to another family of higher priority signing up for or declining care. It is always recommended that families have backup care.

Give Parent's A Break and Parent's Night Out

Give Parents a Break



Give Parents a Break provides eligible parents a few hours break from the stress of parenting. The AF Aid Society provides funding, making it possible for the CDC to open and provide care during this special time.

Once referred by one of the following base officials: Squadron Commander/First Sergeant, Chaplain, Doctor or medical professional, Family Advocacy personnel, Family Support Center personnel or CDC personel, it is the parent's responsibility to make reservations. The deadline is the Tuesday prior.

Eligible families include parents feeling stress due to...Military member is TDY; having a child with special needs; an emergency situation; a recent move to base; or unique circumstances or hardships.

Remaining 2018 Give Parents a Break Dates

  • 9am to 3pm: 12 May, 14 Jul, 8 Sep, and 17 Nov
  • 5 to 11pm: 9 Jun, 11 Aug, 13 Oct, and 8 Dec

Parents Night Out

Parents Night Out runs con-currently and follows the same guidelines as "Give Parents a Break." However, an hourly fee will be charged to the Parents Day Out participants and care may not be confirmed if less than eight children are on the reservation roster. There will be a late charge of $1/minute after 5 PM.

Parent Advisory Board

The Child and Youth Program's "Parent Advisory Board" (PAB) is open to all parents of children using the CDC, SAC, FCC or YC programs. It's purpose is to increase awareness of all CYP activities and provides opportunities for parent involvement in events and program activities.

The PAB meets quarterly in February, March, August and November. The meetings are held at the Child Development Center. For more information and specific schedule contact 747-3158.